Vote BJ Barnes

Dear Editor,

I have worked over 35 years for the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office.  As part of upper command and a major with our agency, I have witnessed Sheriff BJ Barnes’ decision-making skills in a multitude of situations.  He is a very honest, loyal, hard-working, dedicated, leader and manager, recognized by many local, state and national organizations.  He encourages an environment for innovativeness, ensuring efficiencies and effectiveness, while minimizing cost.

During his 24 years in office, crime rates have decreased drastically, making for a much safer community.  He has been involved in many community based organizations.  He is fair and impartial and encourages diversity, productivity and good work ethics.

As a resident of Guilford County and a professional in law enforcement and detention in North Carolina, I am confident that he is the best choice for our sheriff. Please vote to re-elect BJ Barnes as Guilford County’s sheriff in this upcoming election.

Major Debora Montgomery, Retired



Emotional Arms Race

Dear Editor,

The University of California, Berkeley blamed conservative speakers for campus destruction.  In their minds the violence was incited by rhetoric.  Opposition messages “triggered” violence. Who triggered the speakers “inflammatory” rhetoric?

If you subscribe to the belief that physical violence is caused by inflammatory rhetoric, the violent are not responsible for their actions, you also have to accept that violent rhetoric can be caused by others too.  Perhaps undemocratic policies?

We live in an age of safe space censorship, where disagreeing is hate speech.  Colleges around the country decided that being arrested for violence after being triggered by Donald Trump’s victory on election night should not threaten scholarships.  However, a high school senior videotaped attending a Trump rally lost a scholarship for “triggering” a counter protestor’s fear by angrily saying “build a wall.”

The rally began peacefully.  The student probably felt “threatened” by the escalating tenor of the interaction and ratcheted up the anger, just as the other side had.  The same anger/fear that incites violent reaction incites inflammatory language reactions.  After all, if you’re being accused of hate speech, no matter what you say, you might get frustrated and demonstrate anger/fear in more inflammatory ways?

This is a double standard.  Only one side is held accountable.  If you are going to have a “safe space” for one group, you should have a “safe space” for all groups, which used to be the entirety of college campuses.

Another disturbing trend involves institutions being forced to judge behavior they are not intended to judge.  A TV personality was removed while his company investigated his dating life, due to allegations of impropriety after bad breakup.  Colleges have become de facto judicial systems for unsanctioned off campus activities.  A drunk customer lost his job as a security guard for a politically insensitive joke after a Facebook public complaint.  In this safe space age, employers and universities are being forced to judge employee’s private lives because, inconveniently, the police and courts provide due process.  The court of public opinion does not.

“Safe space” censorship and lack of due process create the same negative social forces as censorship and segregation.  It shields people from other perspectives.  All evidence to the contrary becomes a “lie.” The opposition is demonized.  Individuals are encouraged to increase intensity for “the cause,” which must be true because everybody supports your face for fear of punishment.

Alan Burke



No Winning in Brett Kavanaugh Battle

Dear Editor,

The RINOs on the Hill have caved yet again to the political terrorists on the other side of the aisle.

Yes, I went there. I referred to members of the Democrat party as terrorists. If the shoe fits.

Because, like terrorists, when you give in to them they come back and demand more. They don’t care who they cause pain and suffering to as long as they achieve their goals. They have no morals. They hide behind their paid flying monkey minions and when things turn ugly deny any association with feigned handwringing and concern, running to the nearest camera to “condemn the violence” they created.

They got their FBI probe but are now whining and complaining it’s not enough. They want it to go beyond the Dr. Ford episode and are demanding that all the allegations be investigated and that there be no time limit on it. Only their brain dead sycophant drones cannot see what the objective here is, that being to stop President Trump from filling the vacancy until the midterms are over in the hopes they will win the Senate, and failing that try to keep it open until 2020.

If they lose this fight, I fear what the future holds for this country. I have friends whose favorite saying is “ammo up.” Given what we’ve seen as to the extent to which the left, not just the radical left, but the left in general is willing to do, I’m starting to drift in that direction myself.

Actually, I see this as a no-win situation. If they fail, they will lose what little bit of their collective mind they have and violence could erupt. If they win they will become emboldened and will begin to believe they have carte blanche to do whatever they want, to whomever they want, whenever they want, without fear of repercussions.

These people can only be described as evil, pure and simple. And if you are a Democrat that stands by and allows this to happen, you are guilty by association through your complacency.   To quote Edmund Burke, “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” This applies to not just to Republicans and conservatives but Democrats and liberals as well, of which there are good ones

Get out and vote: Ted Budd and Trudy Wade

Go Galt and save the republic.

Alan Marshall



Obama is the Economic Hero

Dear Editor,

I had to chuckle at a Beeper in the Sept. 20 Rhino who said that Obama struggled for eight years to open a tight lid on a jar.  Then when Trump took office, the lid popped off the jar – and Obama said he had loosened the lid.  Cute.

The problem with this beep is that it is true. Obama did loosen the lid. Let us not forget that Obama inherited a terrible financial situation from the previous administration. The financial crisis of 2008 began long before Obama took office and came to a head in September 2007, when the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers brought our country to the brink of financial collapse.

When Obama took office (in January 2009), we were in sad financial shape.  However, the economy did not collapse, and slowly but surely we clawed our way up out of a deep scary economic pit.

For eight years, our economy improved under Obama, and was beginning to perk right along by the time Trump took office.  In true Trumpian fashion, he is taking credit for what was already underway.  The lid was loosened by Obama.

Maureen Parker


Beyond the Pale

Dear Editor,

Why vote for a Democrat? They are the documented liars and they head the lynch mob. Might as well put the white pointy hats and robes on them – for they are heads of the lynch mob and are publically hanging all who are different from them.

What they are doing to Brett Kavanaugh is disgusting. It is political. The timing and innuendoes are beyond the pale. Anybody that is a Democrat is part of this lynch mob. You will be silenced unless you are one of them.

They are the documented liars. Here are just some of their documented lies. President Obama: You can keep your doctor and we will save you money on health care. Hillary Clinton: Benghazi was caused by a video. Harry Reid: Mitt Romney cheated on this taxes. President Bill Clinton: I did not have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky (nor any of the other eight women who accused him of assault); Bill Clinton, who got away with rape. Ted Kennedy: Chappaquiddick. Hillary Clinton: The uranium deal with Russians and the millions of dollars her foundation received. Democratic Chairman Keith Ellison: Accused of beating a wife and girlfriend. Louis Lerner, James Comey, Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzock have all joined the documented liars club. Do we hear anything from the Democrats about all these documented lies?

A vote for a Democrat this fall means you want a Venezuelan Hugo Chavez-style dictatorship, or even possibly a Russian Putin-style dictatorship, where they silence all the opposition one way or the other. The attempt to silence has already started with the screaming gutless mobs of idiots running their opposition out of restaurants and other public forums.

What is sad is that I wanted an alternative to current leadership but they have given me no reason. I can discuss salient points, but obviously the Democrats cannot and have no logical reasoning in their platform. They have resorted to immoral, disgusting lies and screams.

Voting for any Democrat is immoral. They lie. Vote for anyone/anything other than a Democrat.