Mask Mandate About Control Not Safety

Dear Editor,

Guilford County Commissioner Justin Conrad is absolutely correct about the usefulness of the masks and libs in general. 

Chairman of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners Melvin “Skip” Alston just wants to emulate Uncle Joe by refusing to relinquish control.  It is what Dems are about.  We see all the contradictions from federal level on down to our illustrious chairman of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners. 

We have 100,000 fans in stadiums and no outbreak. Churches have gone broke trying to “keep people safe.” Our church is thriving because we have continued services, outdoors with masks at first, and now indoors as well.  No sickness.  CDC, not that I think they are the gold standard, has published “of the millions of cases, we cannot identify one instance where COVID was contracted from a surface.”

Look at all the money spent cleaning. Look at all the money that could have kept our economy afloat.  We are at best under the thumb of control freaks and at worst being controlled by fools.  

I will grant that I doubt that anyone really knows what is going on, but Sen. Rand Paul took on Dr. Fauci and has been proven to be totally correct.  Our Dr. Fauci has been supporting the Wuhan lab experiments and lying about it.  We can probably thank him for COVID.

God save us from these people who are trying, with some success, to destroy the greatest nation the world has ever known.  

Just how smart do you have to be to see that the present regime controlling our great nation is a total and complete failure.  Socialism has never been a viable, long term solution, because eventually you will run out of other people’s money.  Taking from the rich is a pipe dream, they will move their money offshore or they will move and take it with them.  Wise up and quit listening to them.

Rich Carrera



Repeating The Same Statement Over And Over

Dear Editor,

In a recent White House press conference, in response to a question, Press Secretary Jen Psaki, in avoidance of an answer, quoted Adolf Hitler by saying that if you repeat the same statement over and over again it begins to resonate and some people will begin to believe it whether it is true or not.

Psaki then went on to say how she wished some in the media would stop doing that. Apparently the POTUS and much of the lap dog left media pundits consider the Hitler narrative effective policy. When speaking on the pandemic, “It is the unvaccinated spreading the Delta variant and driving hospitalizations.”

In reference to the proposed $3.5 trillion spending package, “This is what the majority of Americans want.”

In response to the border crisis, “We are looking into the root causes.” and, “The border is closed,” and “We inherited a broken system.”

As was the case during the Obama regime, “You didn’t build that” and “America is not an exceptional nation.”

Here’s another Obama quote, “ISIS is the jayvee team of Al-Qaeda” (that phrase was coined by Gen. Lloyd Austin, current secretary of defense and former Army commander of forces in the withdrawal from Iraq.)

It is apparent that the undeniable truth is that everything the Biden administration does is to accomplish the mission of the “fundamental change of America” initiated by Barack Hussein Obama and to distract and cover up the criminally corrupt pattern of behavior in pursuit of an autocratic government control of the masses. This is in no way theory and anyone that pays attention to the current news cycle sees an open, obvious and unsurprisingly confident attack on our country and the exceptionalisms that make us free.

I hope that the true awakening of America will be a restoration of the freedoms that so many of us have sacrificed for and the privilege to maintain as called out in the much maligned documents that have guided us for hundreds of years. God bless you Rhino Times and God bless America!

Make America Free Again.

James Simmonds