Conspiracy Theories

Dear Editor,

So let’s take a stroll down “conspiracy theory” lane.

Russia, Russia, Russia: Not only was this a fake, it’s a generated fake by the Hildabeast and her minions. It’s in CIA Director Brennan’s hand written notes he used to brief Obama on her plan that they were making it all up. One of the primary sources used over and over for the fake file had been on the FBI radar for collusion. Also, it appears high-ranking people in the FBI and possibly the CIA were in fact actively spying on the Trump campaign and actively trying to undermine the election process.

Hunter Biden is a distraction: This one, kind of goes back to the previous subject. According to records, Hunter received a seven-figure check from the wife of the previous mayor of Moscow. They also uncovered other documentation tied to the Ukraine company that paid him high five figures a month for nothing. And they may have found some strings to pull related to China. All this while Daddy was the guy responsible for relations to these countries.

Mail-In ballots: Not absentee ballots. There is a difference. Absentee ballots are secure. Mail-in ballots are wrought with potential fraud in their favor. This is the gorilla in the room. The left and the (National Socialist) Democrat Party are screaming over and over again mail-in voting is safe and there is no proof of fraud to issues.


“According to the Washington Post, at least 1,000 registered voters in Fairfax County received multiple absentee ballots, while voters in Henrico County and the city of Richmond also received duplicate absentee ballots. Maurisa Potts told WRC-TV that she was shocked to find four ballots in her mailbox recently, two for her and two for her husband.”

“Meanwhile, over 20 percent of the mail-in ballots cast during New York City’s presidential primary in June were disqualified.”

”Voters in New York City are sounding the alarm after several have reported receiving absentee ballots containing either the wrong name and address, or another person’s ballot altogether — and officials estimate as many as 140,000 mismatched absentee mailings were sent out.”

“The Minneapolis Police Department announced Monday that it is aware and ‘looking into the validity’ of voter fraud claims in the city.”

Our republic is on the precipice and this mail-in ballot scam is what is going to send it over the edge.

Alan Marshall