Mark Robinson For Governor

Dear Editor,

Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson fired the opening shot in his (hopefully successful) bid for governor by challenging attempts to clandestinely indoctrinate our children in the area of gay and LBGTXYZ lifestyles, and I say, good for him.

Before going further I have a disclosure, one that gives me a slight advantage over those who will start calling me names. My late baby brother was gay. And, guess what, although I don’t approve of that lifestyle, I still loved and supported him unconditionally in spite of the fact that I did not approve of it, a fact that he knew. He also knew I would defend him to the death.

I consider Mark a good friend and believe that in spite of this revelation we will continue to be so because he doesn’t want people around him that are more sycophant than honest, intelligent, God-fearing Americans. A few years ago there was an anti-gun/gun control rally in downtown Greensboro that Mark and I attended as counter-protestors. Several of the protestors came over (with a video crew) to engage us. Mark and I stepped up and challenged them to a reasonable, non-confrontational discourse that, believe it or not, resulted in one of the leaders actually thanking us for a civil discussion as opposed to a name-calling screaming match. This is the kind of man Mark Robinson is.

Mark is not shy about expressing his beliefs about something and that is something currently rare in politicians, although it’s slowly becoming less so. But at the same time he will not allow that to be the single driving force in his decisions as governor. Mark will make decisions and govern based on facts and information given to him. His decisions and actions will be based on what is best for the majority of NC citizens and businesses regardless of race, creed, color or sexual orientation, not the “special” few.

We need leaders like Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson and Congressman Madison Cawthorn, a young man I recently heard at a GOP fundraiser. He expressed and has demonstrated his support for his constituents unlike the majority of current swamp creatures occupying the House of Representatives, some of whom are blatant RINOs.

Now is the time Republicans/conservatives must make their positions known by taking action and openly supporting people like Mark and Madison. We have been the silent majority too long.

Mark Robinson for governor.

Alan Marshall