Election Interference

Dear Editor,

Bunker Joe Biden was quick to accuse Kyle Rittenhouse of being a right-wing white supremacist who came to Wisconsin for the purpose of confronting the “peaceful protestors.” And after the shooting everyone was quick to jump on the “he shot those people for no reason other than hate” bandwagon. Then the video came out showing him being chased and knocked down by the mob, attacked while on the ground and having a gun pulled and pointed at him. After the case of self-defense was brought up, they referred back to the first shooting claiming he shot with no provocation.

That is until now.

Where are the mainstream liars now that an individual has come forward and admitted firing shots in the air in the area where Rittenhouse was chased and Rosenbaum was shot? Why are they not out reporting this? Could it be because this supports the facts and doesn’t help the agenda their masters have given them to tout? And where is reporting on the fact that one of the people shot was threatening Rittenhouse with a gun while he was on the ground? By the way, that individual reportedly told a friend, who posted it on Twitter/Facebook, that he wanted to shoot Rittenhouse.

Now we have a report of emails proving Hunter Biden, and possibly the Biden family, was involved in corruption on the same level as they accused President Trump of. Yet Twitter and Facebook have blocked – no, censored the voice of people trying to talk about this.

I know the argument; these are private entities and can do what they want. But they operate based on laws put in place by and protected by the majority of (National Socialist) Democrat Party in the House. Their actions are blatant interference in the election process. They are the basically in kind contributions to the ‘rats.

Add to these calls by the ‘rats to have the United Nations monitor our elections for fraud.

What we are seeing here is the kind of actions that take place in third world countries. The wannabe socialist dictators are trying to consolidate power by any means possible.

The Republic is in danger. The socialists and communists smell blood and have quit hiding their intentions and actions. They have threatened violence if it doesn’t go their way, but accuse the president of not agreeing to a peaceful election outcome.

Dangerous hypocrites!

Alan Marshall