What’s it All About?

Dear Editor

Every democracy invariably devolves into a bifurcation of right versus left. That’s because of the unending battle for power between the government and the governed, between the state and the people.

The power balance has historically been one-sided, with the state exercising almost all power and the people very little. But feudalism and our concomitant serfdom slowly gave way to liberty and republicanism, particularly when one nation rose up by espousing the radical notion that the people were sovereign, not the state. This unique nation pioneered policies of individual freedom, unfettered free markets, social mobility and strictly limited minimalist government. In today’s parlance we would say it was a right-wing country. It was a daring and radical experiment – and it worked! Those policies turned an undeveloped wilderness into the world’s greatest and richest superpower, in less than two centuries.

The politics of the Right sets the people free precisely because the political Right represents the people in the unending battle for control. The Left represents the state. The historic loss of monopoly power by the state has been fought aggressively by those who would rule us, those who crave power over others. They seek to legitimize their lust for power using the fig leaf of “democracy”, now that the Divine Right of Kings and simple oppressive violence have both been discredited. And so the Left worships democracy above all else. They can manipulate it so as to appear to lend legitimacy to what they do. In truth, democracy’s virtue lies only in the fact that it is the least inimical form of governance to liberty. Or as Winston Churchill put it, democracy is the worst possible form of government – except for all the others. Liberty is the goal; democracy is just a mechanism. Liberty is the ultimate expression of power being wrested from the state, and being held by the people. That is why the Left despises and derides liberty. Our current President only recently mocked freedom as he insisted you be forced to accept an injection of a chemical cocktail into your body – whether you like it or not. Spoken like a true tyrant, a true Leftist.

All modern Leftists take up for the state, against the people. They promote the power of the state, advocating for ever more rules, requirements, restrictions and regulations, all the better to control you. They increase the taxes you must pay whenever they can, effectively turning you into their slave for several months of the year. Notice that in any current political debate, no matter the issue, the Left always takes whatever position will empower or enrich the state, at the expense of the people.

If you have spiritual faith, you will be able to see this battle for what it is, when it is laid out for you. Liberty is God given. God gave us freedom because he does not need a planet full of automata forever conforming to his every wish, servile and genuflecting before him. That’s the Devil’s desire. God’s not that insecure. He gave us life because it is a gift in itself, intrinsically worthwhile, and he gave us liberty so that we might come to love him of our own free will, sincerely, and genuinely.

But what does the devil want? Control. He wants to make you his slave, to force you to bend to his will, no matter how debased and degrading it is. And so he works through the political Left worldwide to further his goals. Liberty is anathema to him. It must be destroyed. Any pretext will do, so long as you are less free today than you were yesterday. “If it saves a single life”; we must “save the planet”; we must get our vaccine for “the community” (Satan loves communism); and so on. If he can kill liberty with a death of a thousand cuts, he will. So he works through the political Left, using gullible well-meaning fools as well as the Machiavellian and corrupt who gladly embrace his goals.

Democracies devolve into Right vs. Left because it is the essential battle between good and evil.

The Right is good.

The Left is evil.

Austin Morris