Sheriff Directs Fraud And Falsification

Dear Editor,

A recent story published by the Rhino Times states that Sheriff Danny Rogers directed his supervisors to give perfect scores on evaluation reports that would affect promotions, job assignments and most important bonuses for members of the Sheriff’s Department.

He also directed that they write positive things about the employees and if there are any issues that would negate the perfect score are to be discussed and recorded in an unofficial file that is to be retained by the supervisor as “an internal document on deficiencies and needed improvements.”.

From the article, excerpts from an email written by high ranking official in the GCSD

“Attention Detention, Court Services and Transportation Supervisors …The following is the procedure that Sheriff Danny H. Rogers wants us to follow when completing our Halogen Evaluations…. Give all 5’s to everyone.”

Another excerpt from the same email

“The supervisor should make positive comments and write about what their employees have accomplished this past year. You should cite specific incidents/accomplishments or notable activities during the year in an effort to provide positive feedback. If the employee has deficiencies or needs to work on their performance, the supervisor should discuss those with the employee and provide guidance on ways for improvement during their evaluation meeting and sign off. The supervisor should keep an internal document on deficiencies and needed improvements.”

What I see here is the Sheriff directing his supervisors to commit fraud and falsification of official documents. My question is what the County Commissioners are going to do about this. We should be demanding an investigation into this. We the tax payers are being defrauded. Other County employees are being adversely affected by this. Also where else is this going on within the County government?

What about it County Commissioners…are you going to open an investigation into this? Based on what I see in the contents of this email there is criminal activity being perpetrated by the Sheriff and any supervisor who followed this highly illegal order. Any and every one involved needs to be held responsible.

What about it Guilford County Delegation to the State government? Where are you County Attorney Mark Payne? And what about our representatives in the State House and Senate. Are you going to investigate this improper and illegal activity?

If our previous Sheriff had done this there would be howling mobs demanding his resignation, at a minimum.

Alan Marshall