Judicial System Seriously Flawed

Dear Editor,

If you ask me what is wrong with America today, in my opinion there is doubt America’s demise is due to law enforcement not being allowed to do their jobs and a seriously flawed judicial system.

NFL wide receiver Henry Ruggs III, driving his hot Corvette Stingray drunk (twice the legal limit) doing 156 mph, hits a 23-year-old’s car killing her and her dog. The RAV4 she was driving was hurled 570 feet down the road. Justice of the Peace Joe Bonaventure set the bail at $150,000 despite the prosecutor’s request of a $1 million bail. This bail is disgusting and represents no integrity of the court system.

Just as disgusting is a recent Guilford County judge’s decision to set bail for a convicted felon with pending charges of shooting into an occupied dwelling, as well as carrying a firearm by a felon.  Fortunately, he was shot when he pulled the firearm on a Greensboro police officer. The judge set bail at $300,000, which is absolutely absurd under the circumstances.

This criminal should never be able see the light outside a jail or prison for the rest of his life. In my opinion he should have already been hung.

Jim Donaldson