No Man Is Above The Law

Dear Editor,

Reporting this week out of Israel comes the story that Prime Minister Netanyahu has been indicted on corruption charges that include breach of trust, fraud and bribery, and as many do when caught, he blames others.

The prime minister may well be forced to vacate his position, and if not, he will face these charges after he leaves office.  A noted Israeli political leader made an important statement that applies to all democratic countries throughout the world when he said: “The interest of the public requires that they live in a state in which no man is above the law.”

Hmmm, just wondering….

Bob Kollar


Opposed To Cyborg Soldiers

Dear Editor,

The Defense Department has stated that cyborg soldiers will be feasible within decades.  I don’t want the government to create a bunch of slaves that can kill or be killed by pushing a button.

Who will own the cyborg’s non-organic parts?

So what will be next, ”robocops” or ”terminators”? 

Chuck Mann