Watershed Moment For GOP

Dear Editor,

The (National Socialist) Democrats appear to be running hell bent for the proverbial area located between a rock and a hard place.

The House ‘rats are feverishly trying to bail out their lifeboat with flour sieves while at the same time knowing that it’s an exercise in futility. They know that if and when they vote to impeach President Trump it will not lead to what they fervently hope and pray for (I know, it’s a stretch to imply they actually can or do pray) which is that the Big Bad Orange Man goes away. And in fact if Senate Republicans play it right some of the big Wannabes could wind up having to decide if they want to throw away valuable campaign time knowing the inevitable outcome and sit in on a Senate trial or stay on the trail and thus give their opponents nuclear munitions in the form of being able to point out they don’t care about getting rid of President Trump.

A quote attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte is excellent advice for the Republicans to follow… “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

And it appears that you have successfully managed, up till now, to distract the American people from the IG’s report about the investigation into the conduct of high-ranking individuals in the FBI and their involvement in the Russia debacle and the Hildabeast’s email crime. If there is any justice in the world, the people involved will soon be wearing orange to include her.

Additionally, I believe as the investigation begins it will uncover connections to the previous administration (remember, only the President can initiate a counter-intelligence investigation), the DNC, and ultimately, “She Who Must Be Obeyed.” When that happens, I foresee a rash of “unfortunate accidents” and (assisted) suicides as people caught up in this try to salvage what they can by rolling over on those above them.

This is a watershed moment for the GOP. If played right, they can gain control of the House, the Senate, and the White House not just in the next election but for the foreseeable future by laying bare how Democrats will go to any length including lying, cheating, bribing, and selling their souls along with American’s birthrights to anyone,  including outside foreign powers. Lay it bare and continue to keep it out there as a reminder.

Go Galt and save the Republic

Alan Marshall



Accuracy Of Airport Name Questioned

Dear Editor,

Will someone (anyone) please tell me what is international about Piedmont Triad International Airport?


Lakeshia Richmond



GTA Closes Much Needed Bus Stop

Dear Editor

I’m writing on behalf of many elderly, poor and at risk citizens of Greensboro. I know some seniors who live at Dolan Manor on Golden Gate Drive near Cornwallis. A number of Dolan residents do not drive and depend on the GTA bus system to get around.

There is pedestrian “zebra” crossing, in front of Dolan Manor, which leads to a recently removed bus stop and shelter. The residents who depend on the bus for transportation now must walk down to Cornwallis and then a significant distance up a hill on Cornwallis in order to catch the bus on Church Street.

This is an extremely dangerous situation in fair weather and intolerable in poor or extreme weather conditions. I took it upon myself to make some inquiries on behalf of these disempowered and marginalized citizens.

To make a long story short, I was told bus stops are being moved all over town because the newer buses are wider and have difficulty making turns when off major streets. This is a bit perplexing, given that ridership is down and I don’t recall ever seeing a Greensboro city bus filled to anywhere near capacity. Accordingly, it would seem to make little sense to purchase larger buses, especially ones which are too wide to navigate our city streets. I’m sure our new, larger, wider and more efficient buses, along with discontinuing routes and removing bus shelters, will save the city money (at least on paper) and justify pay raises all around for GTA Management, but at what cost?

The lives and safety of some our most vulnerable citizens?

Clearly, some appear to have forgotten what it means to be a public servant and our most vulnerable citizens deserve better treatment.

Richard Rumley