Understanding What $1 Trillion Means

Dear Editor,

I would guess that many people would know that a one followed by six zero’s represents $1 million.

Maybe fewer would know that a one followed by nine zeros would be $1billion.  Most likely very few would be aware that a one followed by 12 zero’s equals $1 trillion.  Try getting that written on a check!

I will try to put $1 trillion into perspective.  Let’s try this by assuming a hypothetical case where we are spending money at a rate of $1 million each day. If we had started this spending in 1 A.D., we would have not yet spent $1 trillion.  We would not spend $1 trillion until 2740, approximately 719 years from now.  I fudged a little by not accounting for all the leap years, which give an extra day of shopping every four years.

Lynne Broderius


The Mess We’re In Is Our Own Fault

Dear Editor,

Is anybody else out there as concerned and worried as myself that the two most powerful offices in America are occupied by people that I wouldn’t trust to care for goldfish, let alone the most powerful nation in the world?

Add to this the fact that the most powerful one selected the other as the person to replace him in the event of his inability to carry out his duties. This in spite of the fact that she was soundly rejected by the people of her own party in her attempt to be her party’s candidate for president.

You can’t make this stuff up!

The real question that needs to be asked, examined, analyzed and acted on is how did this happen?

Warning: You are not going to like the answer.

It is not entirely the fault of the party, as much as people would like to use them as a whipping post, but they do have a share of the blame. Who does that leave? The majority rank and file Republicans and conservatives are the culprits that allowed this to happen.

How? A severe lack of active participation in the process. And this applies to not just the elections but to a great majority of our problems. President Trump, for all his personal/public faults and his politically unorthodox ways of doing things, knew how to motivate people. Additionally, he made it known that he didn’t give a damn about doing things the “politically correct” way. What was best for the country overall, not political groups, was what drove his decision making. He managed to motivate that vast majority of Americans that made it all happen and scared the hell out of the “professional politicians” (D&R) to the point that they did whatever, short of assassination, was necessary to dispose of him.

Proof is in the last couple of years of his administration and how this country began to prosper to the benefit of everyone, regardless of race, creed, sex or background. 

Additionally, if you pay attention, more and more veterans are getting into elected office. They offered their lives on the battlefield, now they are offering their lives to make America great again and keep it that way.

In short, the rank and file Republicans/conservatives need to follow their examples.

Get off your collective behinds and get involved!! Otherwise you’ll get what you deserve. Carpe diem.

Alan Marshall