Hardister Says State Budget Is Transformative

Dear Editor,

This year’s state budget is perhaps the most transformative in North Carolina’s history. It is balanced, responsible and provides funding for the core services of government.

Funding for public education increases by $1.5 billion. State employees, including teachers, receive an average 5 percent pay increase, along with bonus pay. UNC tuition is kept below the national average and record funding is provided for our community college system. State retirees receive a 5 percent COLA bonus.

There is an increase in funding for health care services, including an expansion of Medicaid coverage for people with disabilities. Postpartum care for mothers is extended to one year.

We also enacted tax cuts, including a reduction in personal income taxes, increased standard deductions (which primarily benefits lower-income families) and a gradual elimination of the corporate tax (which is passed on to consumers). This will allow hard-working families to keep more of the money they earn.

In addition, this budget invests over $6 billion in infrastructure projects for transportation, state parks, education facilities, broadband, and National Guard facilities – all without incurring any debt.

This budget will continue our efforts to make North Carolina the best place to live, work and raise a family.

Rep. Jon Hardister

NC House Majority Whip