Election Has Deeply Divided Country

Dear Editor,

Regardless of the final outcome of this election, this country is deeply divided. Whichever candidate is finally sworn in as president will be declared illegitimate by the other side that will refuse to accept the results.

Anyone who says or continues to say there is no voter fraud is simply whistling past the graveyard. There have been enough proven cases of various types of fraud to show it does and most likely has existed. To what extent I cannot say for sure, but I personally believe what has been shown is just the tip of the iceberg. I also believe it has done very serious damage to the confidence of the American people in their election process.

What I find so hypocritical is how the followers of the (National Socialist) Democrat Party spent the last four years and millions of taxpayer dollars trying to prove that President Trump was an illegitimate president based on election interference by Russia, and even after no proof could be found of any interference. But as soon as there is solid proof that there is someone attempting (and it appears succeeding) in muddling with the election, they begin screaming “conspiracy theory!”

This mail-in ballot ploy, not the absentee system, which is different and has plenty of checks to make it mostly secure, has done more to destroy the confidence of people than anything. And it’s interesting how all these mail-in ballot problems seem to be taking place in key states where the ‘rats could be sure they had a lock on the results. I don’t see California or New York having issues. That in and of itself makes me a little suspicious.

If the election is called before all these questionable issues in places like Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Georgia are resolved, I will readily admit I will not be able to accept the results. Given how many seats the ‘rats lost in the House this go around, the real test on how badly the system has been compromised will come in two years during the next election cycle. If there is a fair election I believe the (National Socialist) Democrat Party will lose control of the House big time and Republicans will get a bigger majority in the Senate. This idea scares the ‘rats and you can be sure they will pull out all stops, legal and illegal, to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Alan Marshall