Fighting Sneaky Fees

Dear Editor,

Rob Little’s letter of Nov. 8 (“Sneaky Fees”) is absolutely right on, except for one thing: We do not actually have to submit to unethical fees which amount to extortion and, furthermore, if more people would fight back the scam artists would be forced to back down.

One especially outrageous rip-off takes place every day at many of the big banks. Say Uncle Joe gives you a $100 check for your birthday and you carry it to his bank to get the money. Some banks will rob you of $8 or more, claiming they have the right to skim off the money for themselves. If you acquiesce, you will receive just $92, and both you and Uncle Joe will have been cheated.

Of course, a third party check cashing service has the right to charge any fee they like, since they are not a party to the transaction. But Uncle Joe’s check is simply an instruction from him to his bank to pay you a certain amount of money. Nowhere is there any legal authority for the bank to help itself to any of the funds.

These illegitimate fees have gone through the court system in California and Georgia, and have been ruled illegal.  So until some eager lawyer puts together a class action lawsuit on behalf of all the North Carolina construction workers, plumbers, electricians and lawn maintenance guys who are robbed every week, here is what to do to prevent being ripped off by the big banks.  Just say this, and stick to your guns.

“I’m sorry, I do not consent to that. I require the full amount I am legally due, as specified in the check that  I have presented.”  Works every time, even if they tie up 10 minutes of your time arguing with a manager. They know they’re on thin ice.

Don’t let yourself be walked all over.  Stand up for your rights – and don’t let them take your birthday money.

Austin Morris



US on the Edge

Dear Editor,

The political and civil discourse in this country is on the precipice, if it hasn’t gone over already. I had said before that the elections would be a triggering event and it’s turned out so. You see what’s happening in Florida and Nevada and it makes one think how deep the rot runs and how badly the keystone of our whole system of governance has been damaged. Add to this the out of control actions of mobs like the terrorist group Antifa.

Then there is the recently released report from Quest about how various government organizations like the DEA and ICE have contracted with different companies like Cowboy Streetlight Concealments LLC, all of this documented through government procurement documentation, by the way, that builds surveillance into things like streetlights, traffic signals and even orange traffic barrels. Some law enforcement organizations have even had license plate readers built into those speed display trailers you see on the side of the road.

Couple this with the increasing sophistication of facial recognition software and you have an Orwellian world run by the same type of power hungry lords and ladies who will do anything to get themselves “elected” (read placed in positions of control) and will use their unsuspecting drones as the necessary muscle to attempt to shut down anyone or anything that could stand in their way.

A constitutional republic with a capitalist economic system does not fit with their idea of how things should be. Not that both of these things work perfectly, but they do provide the individual an opportunity to advance and improve their life if they have the drive and desire. Independent thought and free will is their enemy. Dependence on a central authority in the form of monthly stipends and “free” cradle to grave health care are their tools.

Make people believe they can’t trust the system, make people believe they can’t be safe without your help (even though you created the danger), have systems where you decide who has privacy and you know everything about everyone, make people believe only you can provide them what they need. You become the puppet master and everyone will dance to your tune whenever you want.

We the people have the power but too many are giving up the mantle of freedom for the yoke of oppression and the false safety and security.

Go Galt and save the republic.

Alan Marshall


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