Now There Are Two

Dear Editor,

Well, Mark, you had a good run. Lots of news coverage as the first black lieutenant governor of North Carolina. And best of all he is conservative!

But all good things must come to an end and so it is for Mark and his awesome battle with the liberal Dems and RINOS in this great state. A new black conservative political hero has emerged. And it’s a female! And she doubled down by releasing a photo of her holding an AR-15! Yes!

 Of course, Mark Robinson knows I’m kidding … I hope. He is a good friend whom I have the utmost respect for and admire very much for his beliefs and strength, in not just standing strong to his beliefs and positions, but also for his willingness to personally and publicly fight back and defend his positions and supporters.

But now he has a political partner in Lt. Gov.-elect Winsome Sears of Virginia. A conservative who is a black female veteran that appears to have the same attitudes and beliefs as Mark. And she’s armed! This is awesome.

All kidding aside, I believe this signals a potentially major shift in people’s attitude toward conservative politics and their level of involvement. I see this as a shift to a “we’re not going to take it anymore” attitude, and it’s about time. As conservatives we must stand not behind elected representatives like these two, but beside them as they tell the liberal/socialist-loving/anti-American left “bring it”! When these milksops start accusing you of things and calling you names, use my favorite reply – “and your point is?”

Mark and Winsome are setting the example real true conservatives need to be publicly emulating.

The key operative word here is “publicly.” We cannot and must not be concerned about expressing our beliefs and positions and then standing by them. I have seen too many so-called “conservatives” back down. Mark, and I’m sure Winsome, are examples of the people we need representing us. There are plenty of them out there and all they need is the encouragement and support of we the people.

North Carolina, vote Mark Robinson for governor, and Virginia, good on for electing Winsome Sears lieutenant governor.

Carpe diem.

Alan Marshall