Kill The Plan To Give Illegal Immigrants Billions

Dear Editor,

Just when you think the Dem/lib mob have hit rock bottom in their drive to destroy this wonderful country, good old Uncle Joe finds a way to use his seemingly bottomless source of political stupidity to amaze us.

Illegals having entered the US basically unchallenged are not only allowed to stay, not only fed, housed and taken care of for months on our dime, then relocated to various parts of our country (in many cases secretly) and turned loose with little to no tracking and a promise from them to show up for a hearing, Crazy Uncle Joe screamed “Wait…I got more! Let’s give each of them hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to show how sorry we are about how bad orange man and his minions treated them!”

I am not making this up! And there are Dem/libs applauding this! Most are staying silent, which is just as bad. The numbers I heard was $900,000 for an illegal family of three. In addition to the ungodly budget proposal in the trillions of dollars they want to give billions of your dollars to noncitizen lawbreakers for invading our country not only unchallenged but are being openly and actively aided by these traitors. But let a man like Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson strongly and openly defy this same mob by fighting to protect NC schoolchildren from the LGBTQ community’s attempt to make their lifestyles appear normal and acceptable.

Biden’s plan needs to be killed now! And if the Democrat party wants to maintain what little bit of sensibility and moral standing they have with independent voters they need to be the first ones to stand up and say…no, scream “not ‘no,” but ‘hell no!’” Anything less will show their true colors, their true feelings, and their true opinion of the American people.

It is at this point I would like to remind hardworking true Americans, Republican, conservative, and unaffiliated/independent that you need to be out there. You need to quit sitting quietly on the sidelines and get in the fight! You are the people that will make the difference.

We the people need to rein in these out of control politicians and remind them who is in charge, that being we the people! Failure to do so is a giant leap towards socialism and the end of America as we know it.

Mark Robinson for governor.

Alan Marshall