Justice For Ashli Babbitt

Dear Editor,

After months of street justice with violence, destruction and protests, George Floyd also got justice in the court with guilty verdicts for Derek Chauvin. Nancy Pelosi went so far as to say Floyd gave his life for justice. Floyd was a martyr and gave his crime and drug riddled life for justice. Poor George. 

But what about Ashli Babbitt, the female veteran who died at the hands of police on Jan. 6? Did she try to scam someone? Did she overdose by eating her fentanyl stash? Did she resist arrest? Just what did she do to be killed by an officer? She marched on Capitol grounds with dozens of other patriots and was murdered at close range for trespassing. Poor policing.

In the tragic video we can see a hand firing a gun at the doors in the Capitol. Do we know the name of the officer who shot an unarmed female in the neck? No, we don’t, but Chauvin became a household word after Floyd’s death. And, thanks to the media, we know the name and address of the female officer who accidentally killed a resisting wanted felon (who could have had a gun since there were armed robbery charges filed against him). The officer said she mistook her gun for her Taser. Poor resister.

So, what about the unnamed Capitol policeman who killed Babbitt?  Sadly, last week, Merrick Garland, attorney general of the US, decided there would be no charges brought against the mystery Capitol cop. It makes me question the part about equal justice for all which the US claims to provide. Poor justice.

It seems the media double standard is showing again. Who cares about balance? Not the media. Who cares about justice? Where are our leaders on both sides of the aisle? They are supposed to ensure our laws and liberties are enforced. I’d like for Obama, the lawyer who publicly said police “acted stupidly” and lectured them on racism, and Trump, the so-called instigator and blue lives supporter, to address justice for Ashli.  Where is equal justice for all? Without it, it’s poor us in the US.

Where is justice for Ashli Babbitt? Poor Ashli. 

Lynn Henson