Transport Migrants From Border To DC

Dear Editor,

Amongst all the other bogus and perpetual failed attempts by the left to destroy all things American and all things Trump, we have the intent of the Dem. majority and a few spineless GOP reps.

In both houses of Congress, with yet another distraction from doing the much needed business of the public, they claim that along with the “investigation” being carried out by the corrupt deep state wing of the DOJ, FBI, CIA, ATF and Capitol Police, there is a need for Congress to determine what happened on 1/6/2021.

This carries about the same amount of credibility as Kamala Harris consulting with the leaders of the northern triangle countries as to the “root cause” of the current mass migration while avoiding getting any closer to the border than a Zoom call. I compare these efforts to a high speed pursuit that we so often see recently as the real criminally corrupt attempt to flee the truth of a perpetual string of failures conducted by the current administration.

Newsflash! Donald Trump is not responsible for any criminal act that occurred on Jan. 6. He did not kill Ashley Babbitt with the only shot fired, and, apparently, the individual that did will not only not be identified but will not suffer any consequence. I am so sick of hearing comparisons of Jan. 6 to D-Day, Pearl Harbor and 9/11, not only by Washington’s political hacks but the media activist collusion, all the while staking claim to moral and intellectual superiority.

And the reason for our mass migration is not driven by hunger, poverty and violent crime. It is the in-person RSVP of an invitation sent out by the left throughout the 2020 campaigns of candidates all across the spectrum of those intent on destroying the dream of those seeking a legal path.

Why are these unvetted, untested, unvaccinated folks being disseminated to cities across the US that are already experiencing soaring crime rates that may equal or even exceed the same environment from which they migrated? Don’t forget one of those cities is Washington, DC. But wait, I haven’t seen nor heard of any busloads or planeloads of migrants offloaded there in the middle of the night. Perhaps they are waiting for their declaration of statehood so the left can get those much needed additional seats in Congress.

I think DC needs to go ahead and bring at least half of all those migrants right on into the city from where their invitations came and were so actively sought to be registered voters. And there you have solutions to at least two pressing issues: more votes for the America-hating left to replace those they have repeatedly disenfranchised with false representation for so many decades and they will have lifted the burden placed on smaller communities that don’t have the resources to provide for newcomers.

And don’t forget, DC, you’ll have candidates abounding to replace those in law enforcement that you have defunded, insulted, or otherwise alienated!    

James Simmonds