Biden Provides Fodder For Comedians

Dear Editor,

If it weren’t for the fact that the results are causing so much harm to the American people, the recent actions and comments by Biden would be perfect material for comedians everywhere.

He cancelled the pipeline, resulting in thousands of Americans losing their jobs at the stroke of a pen and causing gas prices to begin to rise.  He wrings his hands and whines about the Russians building theirs after he asks them to stop. And guess what?  It’s been recently reported American pipeline workers are supposedly now working on that one.


He puts Kamala in charge of the border situation and then watches and does nothing when it’s pointed out that she has yet to actually go to the border to assess the situation and begin working on a plan.


He gets upset and insulting towards graduating Coast Guard cadets while giving a commencement speech because they didn’t react to it the same way a class did in 1988 when President Ronal Reagan used the exact same line, which got raucous cheers and applause. And, yes, he plagiarized the comment word for word from President Reagan’s speech without acknowledging his source.


He and his administration took steps to incentivize people that were out of work to not try to get a job by paying them more not to work then they would make working.

Seriously? (Fortunately, state legislatures finally began to grow a pair and began refusing the federal money and making people who quit looking for work reconsider their situation.)

Now you have the (National Socialist) Democrat Party forming a commission to investigate the 1/6 episode that took place in D.C. And speaking of that event, it’s been reported there are people that were arrested on misdemeanor charges yet are being kept in solitary confinement awaiting trial.  I’m trying to find confirmation on that.

Now we have Biden trying to be on the side of both Israel and Iran-backed Hamas at the same time.

The truly funny and at the same scary part of all of this is it’s real. It’s happening, almost every day.  Who knows what is happening that we don’t hear about.  And worst, who knows what’s coming.

Biden is being compared to Carter, and I think that’s unfair … to Carter.  I think Carter really believed he was doing good, unlike Biden the puppet.

Alan Marshall