Greensboro Gasoline Sent To Maryland

Dear Editor,

So, it was interesting to see where gasoline stored in Greensboro was pumped to first when Colonial Pipeline tried to restart on May 11, 2021.  Colonial still does not know when gasoline will be delivered to Greensboro, but they worked hard to make a special delivery to “Maryland.”  The news media very quickly omitted the “place” in Maryland it was sent.  But if you go back to early articles, you will find that place is Dorsey, Maryland.  So, while we are struggling to find gas in Greensboro, you will be happy to know what little gasoline Colonial had stored in Greensboro was sent to His Fraudulency and fiends in DC.  Yes, Dorsey is just outside DC on the way to Baltimore.  Just another example of “just for me, but not for thee” treatment that continues to spew out of the left.


RD Hicks