War With Iran

Dear Editor,

Neocon Zionist warmongers Pompeo and Bolton are lying all that they can to initiate the US into an unnecessary war with Iran. Lies similar to the lies told by Bush Jr. and Cheney that lied the US into their Middle East wars against Iraq and Afghanistan.

What this Navy veteran of the Vietnam War is predicting – a “false flag attack” by Israel against a US Navy ship in the Persian Gulf that will then be the “excuse” for attacking Iran by the US. Remember in 1967 it was Israel that deliberately attacked the US Navy ship USS Liberty in a “false flag attack” that was initially blamed on Egypt. In that attack 34 US sailors were murdered by Israel as their planes even strafed the lifeboats in a attempt to sink the Liberty and to murder every US sailor.

Pompeo and Bolton are traitors to America. Their goal, as been Bolton’s goal for decades, is for a US war against Iran. Sadly, we have in Trump an idiot and a moron when it comes to history and foreign affairs and a man that Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel has bragged “is easy to manipulate”.

Those of us who voted for Trump for US President did not expect that we’d get Benjamin Netanyahu, a crook, liar and war criminal, of Israel as our dictator.

For all reading this – Google search “the Israeli attack on the US Navy ship USS Liberty”.

For all reading this – Google search the Israeli “A Clean Break Agenda”.

Search facts and the truth about this impending war against Iran and for whom it will be fought.

Tony Chibbaro


Affordable Housing Crisis

Dear Editor,

Here’s a look at Greensboro’s serious shortage of safe, affordable housing:

Some 20,000 people in our city struggle with housing issues and are paying over 30 percent of their income for rent and thereby are cost burdened.

Over 13,000 households are on waiting lists for subsidized housing.

Around 57,000 Greensboro citizens live in poverty and are mostly invisible with few advocates and supporters.

Know and realize that we become community around housing only when we together understand and believe that affordable, safe housing is a human right.

To make a difference, a collective and proactive effort is essential to ease this suffering and right a wrong; therefore, we need to urge the City Council to redouble its efforts to solve this critical problem and let the Council know that we are with them to make it happen.

Let’s help Greensboro be all it can be.

Bob Kollar