Dear Editor,

The News & Record recently wrote an editorial taking Gov. Cooper’s side on the state budget impasse by claiming the General Assembly should pass Medicaid expansion because a WRAL poll found that a majority of people “agreed with Cooper.” The title of the editorial is, “Will of the people.”

This begs the question: Why does the News & Record oppose voter ID, which North Carolina’s voters approved in a referendum? The News & Record cheered a recent court decision striking down voter ID, despite the fact that voters asked for it by a decisive margin (55-45 percent). Was that not the “will of the people?”

Let’s get this straight. We should take action based on a poll, but not take seriously the will of the people when they cast their vote at the ballot box?

This is major hypocrisy. Apparently the “will of the people” only matters when it fits the News & Record’s agenda.

Sebastian King 

Republican Candidate District 27 NC Senate