Dear Editor,

Military intelligence used to be the quintessential example of an oxymoron. The inappropriately named House of Representatives has surpassed it.

Anyone who thinks the majority of those bottom feeding swamp creatures represent The People is living in blissful ignorance. Proof of this the closed-door meeting the Wicked Witch of the West had with her legion of flying monkeys after some of them actually dared to do what they were sent there to do, that being to represent the interests of their constituents. She dangled plum committee positions, low-level leadership positions and of course, bribes…I mean financial assistance with their re-election campaigns. In addition, there’s the National Socialist Party pin-up girl Alexandra Occasionally-Cognizant who is doing what her ilk does best, that being using threats to get their minions in line. Thanks to the compliant media, she has developed a head so big she needs two assistants to keep it from flopping over. She seems to have put herself on the same level as the Wicked Witch of the West as far as leadership within the party.

Nevertheless, my point is the House of Representatives is no longer worthy of that name. They are not “representing” anybody except themselves and their behind the curtain moneyed overlords. Very few actually try to represent the people who voted them in. Moreover, I include R as well as D in that statement.

There was a time when I was against term limits because I believed people would make an informed decision on whom to vote for, but not anymore. I honestly believe there needs to be purge and the whole place, House and Senate, needs to be flushed and restocked. There also needs to be a way keep local elections local when it comes to the House. As for this nonsense of adding more Senators, those that are advocating it are showing their ignorance and lack of education when it comes to civics. And of course there’s the crowd advocating the end of the Electoral College because they seem to think we are a Democracy, not a Constitutional Republic. If ignorance is bliss, these people are on Cloud 9 and nearly comatose.

We must get Civics and American Government classes back into the classroom before it’s too late. If not than at least start teaching your children on your own.

Go Galt and save the Republic

Alan Marshall