High Point Needs Anti-Litter Campaign

Dear Editor,

I’ve lived in High Point nine years this May. Prior to that I’ve lived in five cities and I can honestly say High Point gets the award for being the worst litterbug city. I just finished picking up trash on Hedgecock Road and before the day is over there’ll be more.

I’ve called Fox 8 twice in the last three years to try and have a reporter go out and put some emphasis on the problem. No luck. Maybe they were afraid they’d offend the litterbugs.

Have you seen the City of High Point put any emphasis on the problem? I haven’t. Everywhere you go around the area there is litter. There are no consequences or awareness placed on the problem and you see the results.

I say it’s time the city officials take some action have a real anti-litter program put in place. The litter comes from fast food stores & quick marts. These places would be the place to start putting a program in. It appears the city just hopes someone will pick it up. The problem: Litterbugs are out numbering the good people who care enough and take their time and energy to pick up the litter.

God bless the good people who do this. Me, I’d love to see some consequences and revenge on the people who litter our roadsides.

Ed Byrum