Do Gooders Don’t Do Much Good

Dear Editor,

Very briefly, we cannot sufficiently fund our Police Department, but we found $900,000 for a councilmember’s fluff program.  

Does anyone remember a term, generally applied to those who promote “feel good” programs that mostly do not in any way actually affect the circumstance they supposedly were to solve?  Does “do-gooder” ring a bell?  Come on, people.  Do you really think we can’t tell the difference?  I can’t begin to assign a percentage, but it is most likely in the high 90s, when an effective program is instituted, it is the brainchild of a conservative.  Feel good things are just that and they usually cost $900 grand.  

I really do not have a single thing against Councilwoman Johnson on a personal level, but liberal programs assume a life of their own and cost taxpayers a fortune.  

If anyone thinks I am being harsh, well, duh.  We have serious issues and this council has yet to see them.  Instead of grumbling about Councilman Outling, perhaps you should listen to the only adult in your midst.

Rich Carrera



City Council Health Insurance Versus Police

Dear Editor,

  I think it is very interesting how the City Council is trying to get lifetime health insurance when retired police officers loose theirs at 65 and haven’t had a cost of living increase for retirement. Not sure how they justify that request.

Sue Smoot