Neighborhood Signs Interpreted

Dear Editor,

I often wonder about the signs that have popped up all over the front yards in Sunset Hills. Was it a high school project for rising high school sophomores? It appears that adolescents were asked to come up with a bunch of disparate thoughts that popped into their head. Perhaps it was an exercise in esteem building?

Let’s break the yard sign down line by line. The sign states:

1) Black Lives Matter!

My response: Of course they do! All lives matter!

2) No human is illegal!

My response: I agree! So, let’s get you signed up to protest the abortion industry and protect the lives of the unborn!

3) Love is Love!

My response: Pure Brilliance!

4) Women’s rights are human rights! 

My response: I agree! Women are human.

5) Science is real.

My response: We are getting into some deep stuff here. OK, I am going out on a limb and state, “I agree with this statement.”

6) Water is life.

My response: I thought about this one for a while and I have come to the conclusion that there was sloppy editing and a portion of the sentence has been omitted.

7) Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere!

My response: I agree! For a start, let us protest the tyranny that took place in the 2016 elections, the suppressing of women’s rights in theocracies, the crushing of freedoms in communist regimes and at home, the growing power of government and big tech as they continue to attempt to take away the freedoms of the citizenry.

My yard sign that I live by is: Freedom and Responsibility, and I suggest that concerned citizens of every race, creed, color and socio-economic status start to use this as a rallying cry to oppose the self-righteous nonsense that emanates from these signs.

James B. LaMuraglia



Return The Senate To The States

Dear Editor,

Unless you’re paying close to what the (National Socialist) Democrat Politburo is doing in Congress, you are not aware of their low profile actions to virtually lockdown their tenuous hold on the Senate by getting Washington, D.C., and possibly Puerto Rico, statehood status, giving each of them two votes in the Senate, votes that can be pretty much guarantee the ‘rats a perpetual majority in the Senate.

Time for a history lesson. Way back in the beginning of this country the founders began discussing how the government would operate. One thing they wanted was a system that would provide for a series of checks and balances that give each branch as equal as possible a level of power to allow it to represent the individual citizen as well as give each state as an entity a voice as well. It was decided to form the House of Representatives. This would be made up of people elected by the individual citizens. This sort of resembles the House of Commons in the British government. To give each state as a whole a voice, the Senate was created. In order to give each state, regardless of size, an equal voice in the new government, it was decided to give each state two members in the Senate. These representatives were selected by the state governments, not the individual citizen. While not perfect, this system gave representation to all at all levels. The House gave voice to the individual; the Senate gave voice to the states. Again, not perfect, but as equal as can be.

Fast forward to 1913. The 17th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified and the selection of individual state senators is taken away from the state legislature and given to the individual citizen. The individual states as an entity no longer have representation in the federal government. It also creates a partisan nightmare we are dealing with today.

The basic, simple solution is obvious; repeal the 17th Amendment and return to the original system first established. Can you imagine that?

The problem is this will never happen because it would destroy the grip of power the liberals currently enjoy because the Senate would most likely swing to the right, possibly strongly.

Imagine that, an American government of the people being run by the people. Imagine the liberal panic, letting the people actually have control over their own lives.

Alan Marshall



Crime Rate Is Rising

Dear Editor,

Note the number of vandalism reports on the Greensboro Police Department website.

Through the grapevine, I have learned GPD often reports these as vandalism crimes when there has been an obvious breaking and entering crime. Makes GPD look good, as burglary is a major crime and most likely the majority of breaking and entering crimes are to steal drugs? The offended are certainly not going to report those drugs as stolen? A report of many vandalism crimes are often seen on the GPD website. Is this a convenient excuse for GPD, as well a way to mislead the public? Follow the website. I don’t think vandalism is on the rise; I think crime and illegal drugs are?

Jim Donaldson