The Power of Reason

Dear Editor,

There is no “leader of the free world.”  The president of the United States represents the legal citizens, of all races, of the United States.  COVID-19 didn’t shut down industries.  Over aggressive restrictive and isolative policies without expiration dates shut them down.  COVID-19 causes an infectious respiratory disease.  Right or wrong, these policies kept people at home.  These policies should be measured against the weight of economic reality.  Jobs and economic independence are required for self-determination and individual health care.

Recently, two perfectly timed incidents occurred that frustrates American voters.  Congress passed a historic COVID-19 recovery bill.  A historic surge in illegal immigrants, wearing Biden election shirts, began crossing the border.

As manufacturing leaves, our country is increasingly becoming service oriented.  Pent-up demand will never replace most lost service opportunities.  We were told the COVID-19 bill was necessary to reduce individual financial damage.  State and local restrictions left many legal citizens jobless or underemployed.  The bill also protected states from negative consequences of restrictive, likely ineffective policies.  Taxpayers will pay this debt for decades.  The majority of voters prefer freedom to work.  Financial and other costs to partake in freedoms have increased.  Activity and movement are restricted.  We must pay for our own vaccines, labs and masks.  At the same time, income was lowered for many legal citizens.  Hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants have swarmed our border.  No one blames anybody for wanting better lives, better jobs or increased living standards.  However, the mass of illegal immigration is enlarging inequalities for legal citizens.  Restrictions have hit the African-American population, more likely to work in service industries, the hardest.  Several politicians suggest testing and or vaccinating all illegal immigrants for COVID-19.  Are these free when legal citizens must pay?  If illegal immigrants are required to pay, how likely are they to follow when already ignoring current law?

Legal citizens cannot freely move within the country.  However, illegal immigrants will.  We are not allowed to work in many industries, yet illegal immigrants will.  We must pay our own COVID-19 health care, yet illegal immigrants will not.  How would you feel if your job was taken away by restrictive policies, then when lifted, an illegal immigrant took your place?

The timing is frighteningly telling of political priorities.

Alan Burke


Supreme Court May Rule On H.R. 1

Dear Editor,

More and more we are seeing the situation at the southern border deteriorating to the point that for all intents and purposes there is no control. The current administration took a system that was working, maybe not as well as it could but was at least getting something done, and almost immediately cancelled it without any kind system to replace it. We are seeing, in real time, the result – total chaos.

Add to this chaos the immediate termination of the construction of the border wall, something that was working, and the additional fallout of all those workers becoming unemployed overnight. One thing that was not covered a lot was the fact that the workers got hammered but the actual companies that employed them had an out in their contracts so while they got hit, it was nothing like the individual workers. That is a whole different topic of discussion and it’s something that happens under both D and R administrations.

The thing that’s not being talked about a whole lot is what else is going on in the House and the Senate. The most obvious, and in my opinion most dangerous, to the Republic, is H.R. 1. This bill would in essence take control of elections from the individual states and move it under the federal government. Given the makeup of the Senate it will most likely pass there as well, but only because it will require the vote of the vice president to break the tie. This means that the only thing standing between the power of the individual states and a complete takeover of one of the most important cornerstones of our system of government is the third branch of government, the Supreme Court.

Given the current makeup of the court, there is a very good chance that H.R. 1 would not survive a ruling. This, in my opinion, is the reason for the sudden resurrection in attacks on Judge Kavanaugh. I believe there is going to be a growing call for the impeachment of Judge Kavanaugh in order to try to change the makeup of the court and change the balance of power on the court. I believe, given the current makeup of the court, if and when this went before them, it would be declared unconstitutional, and my prediction is it would be under a 5-4 vote.

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Alan Marshall