Former Police Chief David Wray Was Wronged

Dear Editor,

The City of Greensboro continues paying local lawyers – after14 years – to resist efforts by former Police Chief David Wray to receive reimbursement for legal expenses, as provided by city policy. Following unsubstantiated racial allegations against him, the city, rather than coming to Wray’s defense, ducked for cover, leaving his expenses in limbo.

Following investigations by several government agencies, the racial allegations were deemed baseless, and court papers prepared by attorneys hired by the city acknowledged that no racial bias existed in the Greensboro Police Department at the time.

Wray was wronged. An exemplary 25-year career of service was wrecked. He was never accused or charged of wrongdoing; his personnel file is spotless. Come on, Greensboro City Council, step up and correct this wrong.

It’s far past time to do the right thing by paying Wray’s legal expenses and, more importantly, offering him an official apology. At least two current city councilmembers who were serving in 2005 and who know the truth should insist that Wray’s professional reputation be reinstated with an official city apology and payment of his legal expenses, or they should have the integrity to explain why not.

Bill Knight

Former Greensboro Mayor