Some Accomplishments of Donald Trump

Dear Editor,

This week a letter challenged your readers to “list some of Donald Trump’s accomplishments and list the inherent goodness we see in him as a person.”

So, here goes.  I will start with his inherent goodness first and then partially list just a few of his accomplishments.

Donald Trump loves this country!  He is a patriot!  When his legacy was already established as a private citizen, he decided he would run for president when he saw the left taking over our beloved country and taking away our rights and freedoms and attempting to install a socialist agenda.  Donald Trump believes in freedomof the individual and a small central government.  He believes in a government that works for the people, not the other way around.  He is a great family man and loves his children and grandchildren and has raised them to respect this country.

During his run for the presidency, he made promises to the American people and, unlike most politicians, he fulfilled most of those promises.  He told us what he was going to do and he was true to his word.  Here is a just a partial list of his accomplishments in just four years in office, with the media, the left and the Deep State all working against him to try to destroy him.

  • Unprecedented Economic Boom – America gained 7 million new jobs, middle-class income increased by almost $6,000, unemployment reached a 50-year record low of 3.5 percent, highest employment ever, jobless claims reached 50-year low, and record stock market numbers, just to name a few of his accomplishments.
  • Tax Cuts for Middle Class – signed the largest tax reform package in history, created nearly 9,000 opportunity zones lifting over 1 million Americans out of poverty, and doubled the standard tax deduction.
  • Other Accomplishments – fair and reciprocal trade, American energy independence, life-saving response to the coronavirus, expanded healthcare choices, rebuilt our much depleted military, created the Space Force, protected our veterans and secured much of our southern border preventing drug smuggling, reducing human trafficking and limiting gang members from entering the US. And, I could go on and on.  When history is finally written, Donald Trump will go down as one of the greatest presidents of all time.

May God bless Donald J. Trump.

Dr. Jerry Clark


Not Much COVID Money In That $1.9 Trillion Package

Dear Editor,

People need to be paying very close attention to what is happening in Congress.

Yes, the $1.9 trillion is extremely important and dangerous. The number I’ve seen is as low as only 11 percent actually applies to the COVID-19 crisis while the rest is pure pork payoff having no direct impact on the crisis. Add to this other legislation the (National Socialist) Democrat Politburo is trying to ram through in an attempt to further their lock on the American election system.

As I’ve pointed out before, this is their one opportunity to lock up the system and ensure they will stay in power. They are currently trying to push through legislation that will attempt to take the election system from the states and move it to the Congress. This is the very antithesis of our system of electing our leaders. If successful it would effectively create a single party rule, i.e. (National Socialist) Democrat Politburo.

On top of all this money wasting madness there is Joe Biden, the supposed president. He pops up now and then with a statement about something then fades back out of the light until something comes up. It’s almost as if he’s brought out now and then to reassure the masses on whatever situation is high on the radar. From what I’ve heard he now holds the record for not yet holding a presidential press conference since taking office. Why is that? Are they afraid to let him try to spontaneously answer questions from the press? One has to wonder.

H.R. 1 is the final solution for the ‘rats. It is on the verge of passing the House. Everyone needs to read it and see what it does. If H.R. 1 passes it will completely gut the whole basis of our government, taking power away from the people and giving it to the politicians. Only what they want will matter, not We the People. Republicans, Independents, and Conservatives will be cut out of the system in a subtle manner. As I’ve said before, we are looking at a Democrat, liberal run system with almost no chance of the other side having a say.

Where have we heard of something like this happening before in this country?

Alan Marshall