Looking Back At Obama Years

Dear Editor,

In a not so subtle reminder of who is really calling the shots from the Oval Office, and emphasizing the real reason that all things Trump must be destroyed and blamed for the current American crisis, former POTUS Barack Hussein Obama pops out to suggest that some GOP politicians and some media outlets are fear mongering to stoke parents opposition to critical race theory being force fed into our public school curriculum.

A few reminders: In 2009, BHO went on an apology and appeasement tour of Islamic countries to claim that Muslims were the real pioneers of Americas greatness, and that our forefathers were shameless colonizers and slavers unworthy of any recognition or atonement. He later entertained the Muslim Brotherhood (a terrorist org.) at the White House as well as the anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan.

BHO also rudely snubbed Benjamin Netanyahu when he came to speak at the UN and then dispatched a team of advisors to Israel to assist the campaign of opposition to Netanyahu in their election. Then, there is the Obama, Kerry, Putin, Lavrov endorsement of the worlds largest state sponsor of terrorism with the Iran Nuclear Deal accompanied by a large cash donation.

This was followed by BHO proactively supporting interference in our own elections in 2016 with coverup compliments of the deep state heads of NSA, FBI and CIA. 

So now the Muslim built America narrative has shifted to the people of color built America by slavery and, according to BHO, that must be taught in public schools and that anyone lacking color must be demonized and branded as oppressors.

One example after another of corruption throughout the administration that Obama said didn’t have “a single scandal.”

Breaking New: Critical race theory is a form of slavery. It enslaves followers to autocratic rule and control through indoctrination while destroying the core principles, rights and freedoms of self rule that this great nation was really built on. In concert with CRT is the creation of the border crisis, supply and demand for more voters and cancel culture support.

Finally, I would remind Barack Obama that he was elected with the support of many voters without color, and then re-elected with the same support. Kind of ironic isn’t it that Donald Trump was elected with the support of so many of the disenfranchised people of color that had voted for Obama.

Thank you, Rhino, for allowing me to submit my views! 

James Simmonds