Comments On School Board Policies

Dear Editor,
I am making my public comment even more public by sharing my Board of Education letter with Rhino readers. The board meets this Thursday at 4 p.m., and the public is welcome to convene on the sidewalk of the Guilford County Schools administration building at 712 N. Eugene St.


Dear Board of Ed,

I watched the May 11th Board of Education meeting online and am submitting my comments below.

• The proposed increase in the amount of money the superintendent spends without prior board approval is unnecessary, irrational and should not stand. The superintendent should not be given carte blanche when it comes to taxpayer monies used for the schools.

One very important reason the board exists is to oversee fiscal matters of the Guilford County Schools. Board members are not there to learn about various expensive projects after their implementation by the superintendent.

The board represents taxpayers who elected them to ensure funds are thoughtfully used for our schools and public money should not be spent at the discretion of a sole superintendent.

I oppose increasing the monetary limit the superintendent is allowed to approve on her own. I’d prefer the current amount be reduced to align with other NC school districts, which is capped at $50,000.

• It is not good practice for a 4-member policy committee to present changes without prior knowledge and discussion by the entire board. The universal unwritten rule for a policy committee is to introduce items to the entire board first but it seems some want to circumvent a fair procedure. The committee is the first step in reviewing policies, then should present to the entire board for consideration, and next, discuss with entire board, and then open to public comment. Thoughtful debate with equal input is key to making policies.

I oppose the policy committee withholding information from the entire board before presentation to the public.

• It was not covered in the recent meeting but it is a timely topic, therefore I am voicing my opposition to any introduction of radical curriculum such as Critical Race Theory, The 1619 Project or any other proposals to further divide and promote racism in our community. Most schools realize how damaging this can be to children. We have made great strides through our sometimes difficult past and we should look forward. Leaning on MLK’s visions, individual behavior and character should be the focus of schools developing educated moral citizens but judging students solely by their race is a dangerous move. (Thankfully, the abhorrent trainer from Winston-Salem, Dr. Dennis, was terminated in 2020 but I was disheartened to learn of board member Hayes-Greene’s social media posts and career choice which clearly reveal her personal agenda of promoting a divisive racial climate in our area and beyond.)

Thank you for the opportunity to share my views. I also want to thank all the board members, support staff and the superintendent for their efforts to improve our schools for all students.

Lynn Henson