What Happens Next With School Assaulters?

Dear Editor,

There was a recent incident in which a group of kids had a confrontation at a school bus stop that somehow managed to escalate to a major confrontation inside the school. A 14-year-old girl was beaten in a classroom, all of which was caught on video. What makes it even worse is at least one adult participated along with the kids, some of whom were from other schools. They gained entry because an exterior door was left unsecured … or was intentionally propped open by someone?

This story has been picked up by online sites and has even been reported on by a national news outlet. The problem is, it will soon be overcome by something else very soon. Hopefully it will remain a major topic of discussion here in Guilford County.

That it happened is an obvious given. The thing that needs to be watched and followed closely is what happens next. Everybody involved, everybody, needs to be tried and, if found guilty, placed in jail for a long time. This includes the kids involved. The problem I have is the pessimist in me doesn’t believe that’s going to happen. I sincerely hope I’m wrong.

 I’m making a prediction. I predict there will be closed door negotiations with the adult that will result in reduced charges and/or little to no jail time. As for the kids, because they are minors, anything that happens to them will be locked away in sealed records due to their age. We will be lucky to find out their names. I also predict their punishment will be minimum.

The real questions that need to be answered are things like, how could a group that size get into a school and move about without being challenged. How it was that the adult could gather together kids who were supposed to be in school in the first place, especially kids from other schools, if the report is accurate?

Ultimately, there needs to be a standing room only attendance at the next school board meeting with a selected group of representatives with a list of prepared questions, the first of which should be, how did this happen. And that question needs to be repeated until the board either answers it or takes the easy way out and declares the meeting over because they can’t give a good answer.

My money is on the latter.

Alan Marshall