Astounded By Watching School Board Meeting

Dear Editor,

Did you know you can view the school board meetings online?

I watched the June 17 meeting and was astounded that the policy chair asked to have a reconsideration of a vote for a policy her committee presented a month earlier! She had voted against it on June 10 but a week later she claimed she didn’t understand what she was voting for. The majority of the board allowed a new vote even with one member absent and one on a distracting remote call. The policy committee chair changed her vote, thereby passing the new outrageous fiscal policy where the superintendent may spend, in some cases, up to $500,000 without board approval.

It’s taxpayer money they’re talking about, whether it’s from a federal grant or our property taxes, and one superintendent should not have such vast financial power. Something is very wrong with this picture and the board members who voted for the new policy.

The online meeting link can be found below. The meeting is quite long but you can scroll through in small increments. Part of the meeting introduced new protocol to allow a limited number of the public to attend meetings in July after a 15-month ban on parents’ presence. Yes, finally, GCS will let a few taxpayers in to witness their meetings like countless other school boards in the country have been doing for a while without harm. Attendees will have to be masked, just like the poor kids in school, and be measured with a thermometer, two actions which have been proved by science to be unnecessary to prevent spread of the Chinese virus, but just makes the powerful feel good about themselves.

Make sure you watch the closing comments from each board member at the meeting. Their agenda is very telling.

GCS Board of Education Meeting 06/17/2021    

Lynn Henson