Doesn’t See Love And Compassion

Dear Editor,

Where is the anger?

Where is the outrage?

And where is the love and compassion that in other times has identified our nation as “a shinning light on the hill,” a true beacon of hope and refuge for those seeking the safety of our borders in order to escape the terrors and dangers in their own countries?

What does the president of the United States offer? Incompetence and maximum cruelty by separating children from their parents without a plan to reunite families and caring less about the pain and emotional stress brought on by his actions.

Shame on Donald Trump and shame on any one of us who turn a blind eye to his actions and continue to support his gross and inhumane behavior.

Bob Kollar


Dangerous Trend

Dear Editor,

Companies are continuing to join divisive political debates.  Banks stopped lending to gun manufacturers.  A bank recently stopped lending to border detention facilities. These companies are intentionally refusing to engage in business they disagree with.  These companies are attempting to place economic pressure on companies related to activities they disagree with, despite being lawful.  Owning a gun is constitutionally protected.  The president is enforcing legislation lawfully passed by elected officials.

What would happen if a conservative company did the same?  Democrats simply bestowed minority protections intended for racial groups upon their political base.  Jack Philips was sued three times.  Liberal companies are encouraged to “boycott” while conservative companies sued for “discrimination” for the exact same thing.

Several states passed religious protection laws.  This technically should not be required since religion is constitutionally protected. Walmart encouraged the Arkansas governor to veto a protection bill arguing it would allow employees to refuse to do their jobs out of personal religious objections.  Liberal employees at Wayfair are being celebrated for refusing to do their jobs due to personal political disagreement.

Nonprofit advocacy organizations are also suffering.  Gun rights supporters were fired for comparing gun control demonstrators receiving financial support from Hollywood celebrities to actors.  However, the same gun control demonstrators, wore shirts claiming the NRA had a hit on them. Both groups used dramatic license comparisons to support political agendas.  Both were obviously not true.  Only one side was punished.  The other was encouraged.

These are different companies in different economic sectors.  However, all situations demonstrate the double standard. Liberals “boycott” while conservatives “discriminate.”  Constitutionally protected rights and democratically passed legislation have constantly been attacked.  The courts have encouraged political bias by unequally applying the law.

This is the dangerous trend.  Conservative politicians refusing to automatically cede to will of voters “threatens democracy.”  Liberal politicians must challenge lost elections to protect their base’s rights. Liberal politicians can refuse to enforce/defend democratically passed conservative laws while conservatives are sent to jail.  When voters overwhelmingly support conservative legislation, the Supreme Court will protect the liberal base.  Recently, a liberal news organization predicted a “conservative win” in the census question case.  So, the news organization is encouraging the question be buried in lower court challenges if they lose.  In other words, rules, regulations, and procedures only apply to restrict one group. The “right” group is encouraged to fight with any means necessary.

Alan Burke