Requesting More School Coverage

Dear Editor,

I am writing to request additional coverage on the workings of Guilford County Schools and the board of ed meetings.  There have been three in a row with protesters, crazy policy discussions, the passage of a budget for ESSER dollars (hundreds of millions) and discussion about threats made to the superintendent. 

I am interested in finding an organization who wants to report the news I am interested in.  I imagine with 74,000 students in our public school system there are others who are interested in what is going on with the school district too.

Thank you,

Lynn Andrew



Police Officer Shortage

Dear Editor,

What is the City Council’s plan to address the shortage of trained officers?

Greg Rouser



Avoid Nuclear Arms Race With Russia

Dear Editor,

I don’t know if nuclear first strike capability is possible.  We need to determine if an arms race with Russia could lead to our annihilation; and if so, we need to have both countries agree to a freeze on new nuclear weapons (at least if such a freeze is verifiable). 

There should of course be immediate inspection of any suspected nuclear weapon sites.  If Russia doesn’t agree to this – and if any diplomatic gesture such as inviting them to join NATO doesn’t work – then we need to have tougher sanctions than we do at present.

We should also (especially if such a freeze is non-verifiable) consider removing the threat by the prospect of increased trade. 

Alvin Blake