Tilting At Windmills

Dear Editor,

Folks, Big Brother and his thought police, along with their minions, are here and running rampant over our God given rights to free expression.

The head coach at OSU is shown wearing an OAN tee shirt on a fishing trip and snowflakes on the football team wet their panties and had a temper tantrum over it. Sycophants on ESPN held their breath and beat their little baby fists on their desk and called him names while demanding he be fired for not only having unapproved thoughts and beliefs but expressing them.

Facebook deleted one of my letters my wife posted on her page. No warning, no explanation, no nothing. That’s why I started alanscorner.blog instead of a Facebook page, why I don’t Tweet or engage in other social media.

The dangerous part of all this is if you express thoughts or ideas, advocate for or take actions that are counter to their agendas or contrary to how they demand you act or think, they will dox you, pressure your employer to take action against you, harass and threaten your friends, your neighbors, in essence do whatever they can to make your life a living hell. Ladies and Gentleman, (yes, there are only two genders – deal with it) that’s the world outlined in the books 1984 and Animal Farm, two books that were mandatory reading when I was in school and should be today. It is here! We are living it! And very few people are willing to push back against it. The majority just clutch their pearls and fan themselves while complaining of suffering from the vapors.

The only way this stops and gets reversed is for the same majority to put on their big boy pants and quit worrying about being called racist, homophobe, sexist or whatever. Business and corporations are going to have to man up and grow a set and tell these whiny, butt hurt little creampuffs who, I might point out, are a minority of their clients and customers, thank you for your opinion but we’re here to make money and create jobs, not be your club to remake the world into your ideal utopian toilet.

I’ve been told I’m tilting at windmills, but once people begin to realize derogatory terms like racist, sexist, etc., have been overused to the point that they’ve lost their potency, things will change.

I’m so not woke, I’m in a coma.

Alan Marshall