On The Fast Track

Dear Editor,

Americans … real Americans, if you love this country, if you love the core beliefs and concepts that made this country the powerhouse that it has become in such a relatively short period of time within the history of the world … be afraid … be very afraid.

Why? Because when leftist, radical socialist mobs are able to pressure spineless, cowardly politicians into seriously talking about and in some cases beginning to act on the idea of dismantling law enforcement agencies throughout the country, we are on the fast track to becoming an uncivilized country ripe for the taking by anyone anytime. Do you doubt it? When was the last time there were any discussions about what’s going on at the southern border? Think about how many assets are being diverted to deal with the nationwide riots and not being used to protect our borders.

Pandering, sycophant politicians operating on the “there go my people, I must follow them, for I am their leader” ideals honestly believe they are going to be able to maintain their positions of power by wetting their fingers and determining which way the wind is blowing and say doing the right thing be damned. Their idea of the “right thing” is “how can I benefit best.” To put this in plain language, they (D and R) don’t care about you, the average hard working American trying to do the right thing, working hard, taking care of you and yours, wanting to live your life your way. I say “they” because inaction is equal to or as bad as extreme action.

The other factor in play is the well organized groups on the left, primarily Antifa, and the moronic extremist right “let’s overthrow the government” militia groups. Anyone who studies tactics can see what is happening. And it doesn’t take a large number of people to organize and lead these mobs. A Special Forces “A” team consists of 12 men, but they are trained to organize, train and lead a battalion size insurgent force. Think about it.

I would love to have the opportunity to debate (debate, not a name calling, screaming match) anyone who condones and supports the lawless, asinine activities currently tearing apart this great country.

If this situation continues who will be there to keep order? People will do what they feel necessary to protect themselves, their own, their friends and their neighbors.

God help us all.

Alan Marshall