There Ought To Be A Law

Dear Editor,

Well, I read that a teenager has been charged with the murder of the store clerk at Speedway on Battleground Avenue. 

Wow, there ought to be a law against a teen having a gun.  But, wait, there is a law that a minor, a felon or an incompetent can’t have a gun.  Oh, OK, then they need to pass a law that a gun can’t be had by any of them.  That way they can charge the gun. 

Oh, yeah, they’ve been trying to do that for decades. That makes about as much sense as “catch and release.” Well, they are doing that too.  The cops catch them and the liberal judges let them out with a low bail. 

If the powers that be would allow the police to enforce the laws already on the books and demand the courts to administer the law as intended, we wouldn’t have the crime rate we have and the crooks wouldn’t be back on the streets trying to shoot the police.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Go liberals!

Bob Blanchard