The Smell Of Fear

Dear Editor,

Do you want to know what fear smells like? Just go to any Democrat headquarters or attend a Democrat rally and you will notice a pungent, acidic, sour smell in the air. That’s the smell of fear.

What do they fear? For starters there are the actions of the likes of AOC, Rashida Tlaib, and others of their ilk. Then there is the traveling circus called the Democrat Presidential Candidate Debates, and Antifa.

Why do they fear? Because of the things these clowns and domestic terrorists do and say. Because contrary to what the Herman Goering School of Journalism graduates in the main stream media do to try to convince everyone that these people reflect the feelings and opinions of the majority of Americans, they know it’s totally bogus and in fact is very likely to result in the loss of the House and possibly a 60+ majority in the Senate. Because their chickens are coming home to roost thanks to Attorney General Bill Barr.

I firmly believe the average Democrats, the ones who are somewhat reasonable in their thoughts and actions and to some extent do care about this country, are sitting back with their heads in their hands moaning “how did we let this happen? How did we let these brain dead jack-legs become our face and voice?”

In fact, these National Socialist (Democrat) party members have started dropping even the faintest attempts to hide their true beliefs. That was obvious when 20 out of the 20 candidates whose party emblem reflects what they truly are, raised their hands when asked if they would give free health care to illegal aliens who broke the law as soon as they set foot on American soil. They show more concern for law breakers than they do for Americans in need. Their hypocrisy has gone beyond outrageous levels. They honestly believe they are better than anyone else, and those who dare disagree with them are backwoods, toothless, hicks that need to be rounded up and put into camps for proper indoctrination on how to be genderless, mindless, obedient drones whose only use is to be servants for them and their elite followers.

To the Republican Party I say, please tell me you are keeping notes and passing them on to those who will be writing your campaign ads.

Go Galt and save the Republic

Alan Marshall