Dear School Board

Dear Editor,

I want to share my public comments to the school board with your readers. The Guilford County school board meets tonight to discuss the status of mask wearing for kids in the 2012-22 school year and I hope they will do the right thing for our children.


Dear School Board Members,

Let’s start this new school year on a good note!

Since March 2020, kids have suffered enough with masks, distancing, testing, debates, division and fear. Most parents and kids just want to get back to normal. 

The virus is now an endemic, not a pandemic, meaning it has spread around the world and it will continue to mutate and, with each mutation, thankfully it does not get stronger or more deadly. If that were the case, we would not have survived prior diseases. Instead, COVID-19 will become less and less contagious and eventually become a yearly bug that we will all endure much like the common cold or flu. (Some people will choose to get a flu or virus shot each subsequent year. “Choose” is the key word here.)

If we continue to mask children, we are denying them the opportunity to boost their own immune systems by being exposed to germs in general. Their health, not to mention their psyches, will continue to be damaged even more with another year of mandated restrictions.

Please unmask the children in our schools. It is a method of torture that has to end.

Thank you for all your service during a stressful time for all, and know you have the power to make things easier for all in the next school year.

Lynn Henson