Concerned About Speeders

Dear Editor,

Carnage in Greensboro! Is there any hope to reduce it? Yes, vote for new leadership in our unfortunately delayed city elections.

Once again my concerns over speeders and traffic law criminals have been a broken record from me requesting action by contacting city leaders, law enforcement, DOT and the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office for over 10 years.

Finally, I thought It was not fair to accuse law enforcement for not doing their jobs because the city leaders are dictating to them about how they will enforce the law and not enforce the law.

The state of North Carolina has done a fine job with their “Click It or Ticket It” and “Booze It and Lose It” campaigns. The Greensboro Police Department and the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office will not initiate such campaigns, but they are obligated to assist the state. It appears our leaders are more concerned about ACLU lawsuits than protecting our law-abiding citizens?

Two years ago, High Point had a crackdown on speeders and it was amazing how many arrests, fugitives, stolen cars, outstanding warrants, no insurance, expired registrations, drugs, and illegal guns were discovered. This is how you protect law-abiding citizens. We all deserve better from our local leadership.

Jim Donaldson