Harassed By The Government For Self Defense

Dear Editor,

I have raised the question several times as to what would happen to a home or business owner who was forced to defend themselves against BLM-backed rioters and anarchists when they move onto private property declaring their intentions to occupy, loot, burn and murder after law enforcement is ordered to stand down rather than being allowed to do their sworn duty. Well, now we know.

In St. Louis that exact scenario took place and at least one couple did take action to defend their home and lives which, despite the fact that they were backed by a castle doctrine law in the state, a liberal, leftist, socialist/communist, George Soros-backed circuit attorney with a history of putting politics over law is attempting to make an end run around not just state law, but the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner had a warrant taken out against Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the people that armed themselves after being threatened by a BLM-supported mob that had broken down a gate onto private property. Their actions were fully justified by Missouri castle doctrine. But since the CA (cowardly attorney or circuit attorney, your choice) knew she was on the wrong end of a baseless attempt to prosecute, she decided to instead harass them by ignoring their state and constitutional rights to possess and use firearms to defend themselves and their property from lawless animals. She went shopping until she found a likeminded liberal judge to sign a warrant and had their weapons illegally confiscated. 

That they will get their guns back there’s no doubt, the question is when. And will this political CA and her pet judge be disbarred for abuse of power, violations of state and federal civil rights, and being just plain stupid. (Remember, ignorance can be cured, but stupid is forever.) My hope is there will be a civil suit filed against the CA and the judge for civil rights violation that will cost them so much their great-grandchildren will still be paying it off. Use RICO to include BLM.

In summary, this is what we can expect when we exercise our God-given rights as long as we are acting within the confines of written law. So if you find yourself having to defend yourself, you might, within the law, find it behooves you to allow your weapons to go missing afterwards.

Alan Marshall