Aiding and Abetting

Dear Editor,

There are essentially three steps to illegally enter and remain in the US.  First, get to the border.  Second, cross the border.  Third, get as far away from the border as possible.

Illegally crossing the border and remaining near it is like breaking into a store then sitting outside when the police arrive.  Illegals are concentrated near the border.  Law enforcement are also more concentrated there.  Citizens and law enforcement are more likely to notice the higher concentrations.  The further away the less conspicuous and the less likely citizenship status will be questioned by anyone.  The further geographically removed the less likely judges will feel/notice negative impacts of the crime.  Communities with fewer illegal entrants, fewer negative effects, are less concerned/aware of illegal entry.

According to recent reports, the federal government has been secretly transporting illegals to other parts of the country, away from the border.  Likely, when a bus or airplane arrives, federal employees ask for volunteers to board.  They are then whisked away.  The faster this is done, the less noticeable. 

Many of the individuals will be taken away from their appointed court sites.  The federal government encouraged this.  This provides illegal entrants an excuse for missing appointed court hearings.  They will claim that since the government transported them away from the court site, that they are new to the area and don’t know its geography, the federal government prevented them from appearing.  They didn’t know Portland, Maine, was thousands of miles away from their appointed Texas court hearing.  Of course, they will not have resources to attend the hearing or know how to update their address.

The longer illegal entrants linger near the border, the more noticeable, and the less able, to hide the negative impacts.  They sped up diffusion to hide the true extent of illegal immigration from media/voters.  They didn’t just hide this from taxpayers, they hid it from statisticians.  The number of illegal entrants is therefore much higher than estimates. 

The executive branch isn’t just refusing to enforce legislation, it is actively participating in the law breaking.  It is helping law breakers get lost among the populace to evade accountability.  Basically, the federal government is trying to drive the criminal to a less suspecting jurisdiction, before the crime is noticed.  It is using taxpayer money to conceal objective and subjective evidence to paint opposition as ignorant racists for expressing legitimate concerns.

Alan Burke