More Does Not Mean Better

Dear Editor,

How many times have you heard leftist, progressive social justice whiner Democrats loudly point out how they have more women and minorities in government than conservatives and Republicans?  When the numbers are compared, they are (in a rare instance) right. By numbers they do have more. But there is more to this than what they are saying.

I will not argue they have more. But I would much rather have quality over quantity. They may have more, but then look at who they have…AOC, Omar, Pressley, Tlaib, Pocha…I mean Warren, the Hildabeast, Pelosi, Spartacus, Dear Leader, the list goes on.

Compare that Peanut Gallery to the list of conservatives and Republicans…Mia Love, Kelly Ann Conway, Nikki Haley, Ben Carson, and Mark Keith Robinson (shout out to ya, Buddy). Women and minorities that didn’t buy into the liberal hokum about how they are oppressed and won’t get anywhere by working hard and need to fall into line with the others and let them (whiny liberals) speak and act for them. They didn’t listen when they were told they were too ignorant to the reality of life and would never amount to anything because the system is set up for old white guys to be the only ones to succeed.

I wouldn’t trade one of the people I named for the whole mob of socialist Democrats that are being used by the Lords and Ladies of the Democrat Party as props in a way of making themselves look caring and tolerant. I would much rather have one person that achieved their current position in life thru personal initiative and drive instead of getting there by whining and letting others lift them up.

We, as a party and as true Americans, can be proud of who we have as political associates. They are where they are because of personal strength, because of their “I CAN do it!” attitude.

They may have more, but we have better…much better.

Go Galt and save the Republic,

Alan Marshall