Language Is A Weapon

Dear Editor,

In a letter titled “Lights Out,” I was addressing how those that want to destroy America are using tactics from past masters of social destruction such as Mao, Lenin, Marx and Goebbels, to herd the majority of the shallow thinking masses in the direction they wanted, making them think they were the problem and only when they stared thinking correctly, aka, the propagandist’s way, were they going to quit being part of the problem.

The first step, which has already happened, is to undermine and eventually take over the main sources of communication and information distribution. In other words, the mainstream media. This includes what is commonly referred to as social media. This, more than the mainstream media, is a strong source of distributing misinformation due to its overwhelming power and reach.

Language is far more powerful a weapon then people realize. Subtly altering the meaning of words is a form of brainwashing, plain and simple. It can be used as a carrot or a stick depending on your goals. And what makes it easier is when the masses are improperly or undereducated. The sooner you can plant the seed, the stronger end result.

The other part of this travesty on the American people is how people in power, people with influence, people constantly in the public eye will use words in a flippant manner that are capable of inciting violence, capable of placing an undeserved stain on an individual, a family, a group, on someone who simply disagrees with them. Simply exercising your God-given constitutional right to free speech, no matter how vile someone else may consider it, can and will get you fired and your life and family destroyed. And this is done by a small group of people who make a loud noise and convince others, i.e. businesses and corporations who think that same mob is speaking for a majority, to drive things their way. If these businesses and corporations were to take time to think instead of allowing knee-jerk reaction to drive them, would find they are being duped. What will correct this? When the majority speaks up and uses the same tactics as the minority mob. The bottom line will prove how little effect the mob can have.

Wake up, America. Quit being sheep and join us sheepdogs standing against the howling wolves who only want to take without helping.

Alan Marshall