Letter To Editor About Letter To Editor

Dear Editor, 

I recently subscribed to the online version of the N&R for 99 cents for 3 months. It has been eye opening to read the stilted news they print and, even worse, the letters they publish! In early January, I tried to rebut one of those letters but their editors did not have the guts to print it. I wonder if you might print my response instead. Here goes:

To the N&R Editor, 

On Jan. 5, 2022, you published a letter claiming four words were the reason for slow postal service. The words included a man’s title and name. There was no reasoning, no facts to back it up, just one person’s opinion. Maybe the writer was part of the unfounded 2020 protest at the postmaster general’s residence as well. (By the way, did anyone ever expose that campaign to reveal it was all a ruse to allow fraudulent elections?  The Dems are quite good at fear mongering: The mail is slow! Covid is deadly! Extend voting calendars! Don’t vote in person! Some people don’t know how to get an ID to vote! Result: Some courts overruled ID requirements, rules changed and lots of fake ballots were collected to sway the election. Now Dems want to federalize voting to ensure future fraud!)

I’m very curious, would the N&R publish a letter stating, “the Chinese virus plaguing the world is all because of two words: Dr. Fauci”? It would be irresponsible to do so but perhaps if backed with some factual reasoning it could arguably be printed. 

Opinions belong on the editorial page but not if they can’t be defended by at least one fact. Yet some AP stories you run include all sorts of opinions. As Joe Biden once yelled at an attendee of a citizen gathering, “Get your facts straight, Jack!” And if you can’t get your facts straight, then why should I continue my subscription in my quest for truth?

Lynn Henson