Trump Is Dangerous

Dear Editor,

The impeachment trial has our attention and is riveting.  With that being said, it is vital that we maintain our focus on things that President Donald Trump is proposing that will cause deep harm and suffering to the more vulnerable among us.

He makes promises, only to change his position.  For example, when he was campaigning he emphatically opposed cuts to Medicare and Social Security; in fact he said he’d expand both programs. Further, he advocated that every American should have health coverage. Instead his current budget proposal seeks drastic cuts to Social Security and Medicare payments to hospitals that would cause health and financial hardships for those who can least handle it.  In addition, he’s doing all in his power to eliminate the Affordable Health Care Act that has provided essential coverage to many previously uninsured.

It’s a reasonable expectation that elected officials are honest, have integrity and keep their word.  Donald Trump is not one of those.  He’s a national disgrace; a terrible role model for our youth and is a clear and present danger to the rule of law, the Constitution and democracy itself.

Bob Kollar



Just Say No To Monarchy

Dear Editor,

As a supporter of democracy and equality I am against monarchies, imperialism, and a class system that says that some people are born noble and some are born common. So I really don’t care about the discomfort that Prince Harry and the former Meghan Markle are having. Even though they are stepping back from their royal duties Harry will still be a Prince and Duke. The Queen recently appointed him the Lord High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. 

To be considered a member of the royal family you must be descended from Queen Elizabeth. All the Queen had to do was send some of Harry’s DNA to and this would have been cleared up. Harry would still be the future king’s brother. There have many cases of British monarchs having siblings that weren’t part of the ”royal family.” I wish that the people of England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Commonwealth would embrace democracy and equality, and abolish their monarchy. 

Chuck Mann