Broken Nation Can Move Forward

Dear Editor,

How does this divided and broken nation move forward after the past four years of turmoil and discontent?  There is a way but it won’t be easy and it won’t happen over night, but it can happen.  The anger and distrust of government can be moderated by job creation and federal programs that provide an immediate lift for those struggling to pay bills and feed their families.  By so doing, the negative energy can be redirected thus lowering the temperature and building trust and confidence.

President Biden knows and understands this and is taking steps to defeat the coronavirus and meet the economic crisis head-on.  No president can do this alone.  A key to success requires all of us to stay calm, thoughtful and fact-based and focus on reaching out to those in need thus creating a unity of spirit and a sense of caring, always putting others before self and country before political party loyalty.

So let us start doing our part beginning now.

Bob Kollar