China Is The Country’s Biggest Threat

Dear Editor,

I think that it is good that the federal government finally has the courage to recognize that China is committing genocide against the Uyghur Muslims under their control. I think that it is a shame that the federal government won’t do anything about it. Even before this announcement ,what was happening in Tibet was called cultural genocide. Someone invented the word gendercide to describe China’s one child policy of forced abortions and sterilizations. 

I think that ”our” government should stop all trade with China, but that will never happen as long as the ”two parties” run the government. The federal government could create a genocide tax and place it on all imports from China. China is the biggest threat our country has ever faced. 

If Iran was accused of genocide the U.S. government would be dropping bombs on them. I guess some genocides are worse than others. The U.S. government should stop its appeasement of China before it is too late. 
 Chuck Mann


A Salute To Sen. Joe Manchin

Dear Editor,

They have attempted to take away the power of the people to select who will represent them and to make elections national instead of local.

Their attempts to mould and alter how and what is taught in public schools, attempting to make them into government indoctrination centers spouting their version of “the truth.”

They are allowing American cities to become lawless shooting galleries where the average citizen is afraid to leave their own home and letting businesses be looted at will with little to no punishment.

They are allowing illegal aliens to literally invade our country, not only allowing it but encouraging it by granting exemptions to the laws that would jail an American citizen if they violated them.

They shut down our oil pipeline projects, putting thousands of Americans out of work then turn around and return to buying oil from foreign sources putting us at their mercy.

There are so many more actions being taken by them and are being done as far under the table as possible so as to avoid the cleansing light of truth that is beginning to penetrate their plans.

Fortunately, one Democrat, at least for now, has stood up and is doing the right thing for the people that elected him. He is doing what all elected representatives should be doing, that being the will of the people that elected him. Sen. Joe Manchin has taken a stand and as a result we are seeing the true colors of the (National Socialist) Democrat party. It obviously doesn’t matter how long you have been in the party and how much influence you have, if you don’t toe the party line you will be attacked, you will be vilified and you will be called all the ugly names they normally reserve for Republicans/conservatives.

Sen. Manchin, I salute you sir for having the intestinal fortitude to do what is right and listen to those who elected you rather than the behind the scene power brokers. Stay strong.

These are the politicians that we need to get behind regardless of the ‘R’ or ‘D’ attached to their names. This is how a representative does their job. 

Carpe diem, ya’ll

Alan Marshall





The (National Socialist) Democrat party is showing signs of extreme desperation and concern that their subversive, grand plan for taking perpetual control of this country.