The Covington Catholic Manufactured Crisis

Dear Editor,

The socialist liberal left and it’s pack of rabid attack Pekinese cannot allow the public spanking they got over the Covington Catholic manufactured crisis (I had to get that in there) to stand. If they do, they lose credibility with their base and with the majority of the malleable uninformed that they rely on to bolster their numbers. Therefore, they have to wade back in looking for other ways to smear these children. I thought everything they did was “for the children.” I guess it only applies to children that have been contaminated by their leftist socialist agendas like gun control and climate change. They can’t afford to have been called out by kids who don’t buy into their lies.

This reminds me of the baker in Washington State or Oregon that was dragged before an UNELECTED board of progressive, tolerant citizens for exercising his Constitutional rights by refusing to bake a cake with a homosexual theme. He was pilloried, placed in proverbial stocks; his business damaged, and made a pariah by this collection “we know what’s best for all” modern day lynch mob. Then when he refused to convert and submit and instead fought all the way to the Supreme Court and won, he was again placed in the same position by LGBTQRSTUV Mafia. Someone defied us, fought us and won! If we let this stand we will be thwarted from forcing others into bowing to us and our accepting our indoctrination. We will not be able to bring all into the great and might concept of GroupThink. Chaos will ensue. They might even cling to their guns and religion, then what?

The best part is he prevailed again and anti-freedom forces were sent scurrying again…for now. However, as in this situation they were staggered but not put down for the count. In spite of the overwhelming evidence, they are still saying their version is the only true one.

Were there isolated cases of disrespect on the part of the children that were gathered there? Yes. There was one kid (not from Covington) who made the comment “it isn’t rape if you enjoy it.”  There were 3 or 4 that were doing the tomahawk chop. I hope their parents saw this and take the appropriate action.

The socialist progressive left will not give up. Thinking Americans must stay vigilant and vocal.

Go Galt and Save the Republic

Alan Marshall


Left Has No Tolerance For Those Who Disagree

Dear Editor,

Donald Trump famously claimed shooting someone in the middle of NYC, will not stop his support.  He is right, but why?

Two answers: 1. Media isn’t trusted, and 2. Political tactics are degrading constitutional rights.

Every president makes human mistakes.  I have disagreed with presidents I liked.  I have agreed with presidents I did not like.  For eight years the media refused to criticize President Obama’s mistakes.  They also attacked those that dared to raise logical questions.  Now, the media treats Trump oppositely.  Everything he does is labeled evil!  The same media labels his supporters/defenders as racist.  Since Trump was elected numerous articles have been retracted. The retractions are buried deep. As a result, other authors continue to cite disproved facts even after retraction.  Meetings have become collusion, logical requests become obstruction, lawyers become fixers, marketing becomes tampering.  We do not support Trump as much as we distrust the media.

This treatment is not isolated to politicians.  Across the US individuals who disagree are physically attacked for causing “emotional turmoil” also known as disagreeing.  This is the same faulty manipulative logic abusers in domestic violence cases use.  It’s your fault I attacked you.  Stop disagreeing and you won’t be attacked.  The mayor of Portland refused to use police to clear an intersection.  Citizens had to run a gauntlet of political demonstrators.  Those that agreed were given free passage. Those that disagreed were attacked.  Why isn’t the court enforcing equal protection under the law for conservative supporters?

The term “racist” has become the democrats “communist.”  It is so superfluous that it signals nothing more than disagreement. It has become slang for “I disagree and am unable logically defend my position.” In the 50’s those labeled communist were not allowed to view evidence because disclosure threatened national security.  Today, asking for evidence is viewed as offensive “victimizing the victim.”  Defending yourself proves the accusation.  All those caught disagreeing must apologize publically. Your choice is to either become the poster child for successful conversion or continually be punished.  All those who want to defend you, risk similar personal attacks.  In this political atmosphere, you gain politically by making more sensational accusations.  If you do not lead the attack, you are the problem.

The media encouraged this atmosphere!

Alan Burke